Go to https://xhamster.com/click  Sign up,  to create content, chose Creator account and start the registration by clicking Sign up for free

* After that you will receive an email to confirm the e-mail address

Continue with the registration. Try to fill out all the necessary information, don’t skip.

scroll or click to view full image

Click “Activate” on “Make money on every video view”. 

Go to the Dashboard https://xhamster.com/creator 

This brings you to the “Verify yourself” form

Fill out the form, attach documents.

Afterwards, click on the account icon in the upper right corner, choose My Profile and Verify your identity

Now you need to choose intro, photo, or video. I suggest doing video, it is more reliable. 

On a piece of paper write in print XHAMSTER.COM and your username, take a picture of yourself with this piece of paper, so that you and the inscription are clearly visible.

Good luck, you’ll make it!