1. Entering account information

Follow the link to register a new user https://onlyfans.com/, fill in all registration form fields, or sign in with your valid Twitter or Google account.

1. Enter your valid email address.

2. Create and enter a password for further access to your OnlyFans account (password must contain at least 1 number, at least 1 lowercase letter and at least 1 uppercase letter).

3. Enter your name.

* Confirm your email address, a confirmation email will be sent to you.

2. Filling in personal information

At this step, basic data about the registered model is collected. To do this, correctly fill in all the form fields on the page https://onlyfans.com/my/settings/profile

3. Adding a new post

To post on OnlyFans you must click «+ NEW POST» in the menu located at the bottom of the site. A window for creating a new post will open, upload the content

The next step is to verify your account.

To do this, follow the link https://kyc.ondato.com/document or click the word here.

As the Consent for personal data processing page opens, carefully read the rules of consent to processing your personal data and click the button «I AGREE».

4. Account verification

Take one of your ID documents: driver’s license, valid government-issued ID or international passport. Make sure your device has a working camera. Select the document to be scanned from the list, click the button «START». Take a high-quality photo of the document. Press the «CAPTURE» button. 

After making sure that you have taken a high-quality picture, press the «CONTINUE» button. Take a photo of the reverse side of the document in the same way. Then you need to take a photo of your face to verify your identity. For optimal results, find a well-lit area and make sure the camera is at eye level. Click the button «START». Scan your face.

Upon completion of the scan, your data will be processed, and you will be able to use OnlyFans.

It is also important for the successful publication of content on OnlyFans to specify at least two social networks and open access to them for all users.